Interview with Miguel Zenon

This was big fun, joining my colleague¬†Talia Guzman-Gonzalez from the Library’s Hispanic Division to talk with saxophonist, composer, educator Miguel Zenon about his thoughts on music and his own critically acclaimed work. We did this on April 11, 2017. Check his reaction when I show him a manuscript in the hand of Charlie Parker.

Interview with Astor Piazzolla

Just in time for my Astor Piazzolla birthday celebration broadcast today, I found this aircheck buried deep in my closet. It’s from a program we did nearly 30 years ago when Piazzolla was about to bring his new sextet to the Warner Theater. The 3rd voice is one of my listeners Roberto Cucullu, who knew far more about Piazzolla than I did (he also brought a lot of rare Piazzolla recordings he’d collected over the years). Good memories. I miss Astor Piazzolla, who would have turned 97 today.