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Larry Appelbaum is a retired Music Reference Specialist in the Music Division at the Library of Congress. As the former Supervisor of the Library’s Magnetic Recording Laboratory, he discovered the Thelonious Monk-John Coltrane Carnegie Hall tapes and transferred, edited and mastered many classical, jazz and folk recordings for commercial release. As a critic, he is a contributor to the books Jazz: The First Century (2000), The Encyclopedia of Radio (2003), and Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology (2011). He writes regularly for JazzTimes and other magazines and websites around the world, curates a jazz film series, and is a long time radio host on WPFW-FM in Washington D.C.


18 comments on “About Me

  1. BOB HARRIGAN says:

    Larry,Thank you for all you do to keep okom alive,Best,Bob Harrigan

  2. Larry, I would like to contact you directly in regards to a jazz documentary film project I am working on. Please be so kind forward an email address where I can reach you.

    Thank you kindly


    held.orangethenblue (at ) gmail.com

  3. Janet Henery says:


    Thank you so much for all of your efforts…you keep Jazz alive, informative and global. You’ve helped keep the WPFW audience educated about Jazz,artists from around the world and familiar with the classics so many of us know and treasure. Know how much you are appreciated.


  4. Jeff says:

    Larry: as a long-time jazz fan and onetime sax player, I can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts to keep jazz alive and inform and entertain your listeners on WPFW over the years. You have introduced me to so much music and so many musicians in the time I have lived in the National Capital area, that I cannot thank you enough. You are an important part of the culture and spirit of this area and of the nation.

  5. […] of classic episodes at the Hill Center on Capitol Hill. Library of Congress employee and WPFW DJ Larry Appelbaum, who is presenting the showings, spoke with Arts Desk via email about what viewers can […]

  6. Paul G. Buchanan says:

    Hey Big Guy:

    Great to see you prospering and keeping the art form alive. Keep up the good work.


  7. Janet Henery says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!

    I really enjoyed your tribute to Donald Byrd this past Sunday…you really do keep this art form alive and for that I am so very,very grateful.

    Janet Henery

  8. Rob Wells says:

    Larry, I’ve admired your show for years and think it is one of the best jazz programs on the radio today. Keep up the great work, I always find something new on your show.

  9. Janet Henery says:


    This past Sunday (4/7/13) you presented a rare Billie Holliday interview…Wow!! Appreciate that I was able to here this great woman in her own words. Her articulation and intelligence was so evident and finally heard something beyond the tragedies of her existance. She was so much more than that!!
    Thanks again, Larry.


  10. Tony R says:

    Mr. Appelbaum,

    I love your program on WPFW. A heartfelt thank you.

    With much appreciation,

  11. I’m glad you are able to continue bringing us new jazz sounds inspite of your health challenges. Rubin Jackson is an excellent choice to fill in for you.

    My wife still talks about the documentary of Rassan Roland Kirk you showed hosted many years ago.
    All the best

    David Hugo Barrett
    Ellicott City

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