The Three Graces: “Larry Applebaum”

More than 10 years ago, my former boss at work, Michael Donaldson (an inveterate 45 collector), brought me a little something he picked up at a thrift store. It was a super rare 45 of a New York-based vocal trio named The Three Graces singing a song dedicated to their latest heartthrob, Larry Applebaum. I was startled to see the title of the recording, issued by Golden Crest in 1960, written by Cy Levitan.


It has many of the characteristic pop sounds of the day: jangly guitars, sax solo, vocal harmony and several very catchy hooks. It’s taken me many years to find a clean copy, so I’m grateful to Jeff Krulik, Gary Levine and Lee Michael Demsey for tracking it down for me. I now have my new closing theme for my radio show!

5 comments on “The Three Graces: “Larry Applebaum”

  1. That is one cool track, Larry!

  2. meadomakr says:

    That’s so unbelievably ricculously serendipitous. So I just have to ask- we’re you the heartthrob?

  3. of course! (but not for this song)

  4. Joe Kaye says:

    I recalled a song with the refrain of “Larry Applebaum” as a very small child (2 or 3) living in Brooklyn in the early 1960s. I seemed to remember that my parents had a 45 of it. Curious as to the accuracy of my memory, I googled “‘Larry Applebaum”‘ song” earlier today and found this page. I played the song and it is how I remember it. Thanks, Larry.

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