11 comments on “Contact

  1. Robert says:

    Yuseff Lateef

  2. Jeff Haas says:

    Hi Larry,

    I co-produce and host a weekly syndicated public radio series called The New Jazz Archive. The hour-long show originates at Interlcohen Public Radio in MI and airs on multiple NPR affiliates.

    I am interested in scheduling an interview with you about the your work unearthing the Monk/Coltrane recording. It would be a recorded conversation of 30-45 minutes that our producers will then edit to a 15-18 minute segment likely with music clips.

    Would you be available early next week, the week of November 21st? If so, I will contact the NPR affiliate most conveniently located for you and schedule a studio for an ISDN connection. Do you have an NPR affiliate with which you have worked and/or is located near you.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding my request!

    Thank you,

    Jeff Haas, Host
    The New Jazz Archive
    Interlochen Public Radio
    (231) 360-9857

  3. Jeff Pratte says:


    Your playlist for March 4 was magical. Please send me the playlist, if you don’t mind.

    Thanks a bunch, Jeff

  4. azaoberman says:

    I was struck by what I gather is a local group that you played near the
    start of your April 15 “Sounds of Surprise” show. To the best of my
    recollection the cut was titled “Insomnia.” I believe they are having a CD
    release party later this week.

    Alas, I wasn’t in a position to write down the group’s name, the title of
    the album or their label. I checked the playlist at, but it
    seems empty — at least on my browsers.

    Would you give me a link to the group or enough detail that I can get my own
    copy if possible (I say that because I too regret the passing of Melody


    Win Wiencke
    {unfortumately, hotmail regects my email address…)

    • Donna says:

      Hi I we listening to your station on sunday, Oct. 28 around 5-5;30pm and heard the song from a guy and his sisters and that day was the musician’s birthday. I think it was Applebaums’s show and he mentioned it was on Youtube. what was their names and song? my email,

  5. Sandy O says:

    hi, larry. GREAT show tonight! really enjoying all the xmas tunes: bela fleck, sister rosetta tharpe, ellington, etc. “who took the mary out of christmas” is great! peace and happy holidays.

  6. Evelyn Cherow says:

    How exciting to have this tribute…saw today’s Ramone obit and wanted to run out and buy all of this fantastic music. You’re making my grantwriting bearable –more than that, today’s programming has been heartening and disheartening. Will send your Board chair some ideas of venues that might welcome WPFW–Corcoran, Arena, Avalon or National theaters…??? Thanks for your thoughtful playlist and dedication!!

  7. larry – thanks for that hungarian saxist on 30 june. pure magic! bless you for bringing him and his concert to my attention. you are always expanding my musical knowledge…

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