Min Xiao-Fen at Bohemian Caverns

After my radio show tonight I stopped by Bohemian Caverns to catch the first set of pipa player Min Xiao-Fen. She played and sang classsical Chinese pieces, a kind of blues played on sanxian, and pieces by Monk (Ask Me Now), Ellington (Satin Doll interpolated with a Chinese song) and this version of All Blues by Miles Davis. Nice turnout for a Sunday night. Thanks to the Post Classical Ensemble for taking a chance on presenting this show.


One comment on “Min Xiao-Fen at Bohemian Caverns

  1. Arnold Faber says:

    Wow… to put an old cliché to good use, “that’s something you don’t see/hear everyday”! I was just in a surfing mood when I stumbled upon your blog. In my ear she is simply a a VERY happening mix on that very interesting instrument. Her cultural influences are staggering, not to mention her obvious command over the instrument. Thanks for this. Very enjoyable.

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