Mihály Dresch and Miklós Lukács in D.C.

Hungarian musicians Mihály Dresch, saxophone and Miklós Lukác, cimbalom made a rare appearance in Washington D.C. yesterday at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. I had to miss the afternoon’s outdoor offering in the festival tent, but stopped by after work to catch their evening performance in front of a small audience in the Baird Auditorium of the Museum of Natural History. Here is the encore from their concert:

5 comments on “Mihály Dresch and Miklós Lukács in D.C.

  1. Tom Millet says:

    I went to the outdoor performance and really enjoyed it. Any leads on getting a cd by them?

  2. maybe they sell their CD’s in the gift shop tent? i have 3 cd’s by Dresch on the BMC label (also available as downloads). but i’m not aware of any CD’s with that particular duo.

  3. Tom Millet says:

    no CD’s at the festival, I checked

  4. you can buy some of Dresch’s recordings directly from BMC (Budapest Music Center): http://www.bmcrecords.hu/pages/frameset/otherchange_en.php?other=fooldal. i think some of his recordings may also be on iTunes. Lukacs is also on some of the BMC recordings by both Dresch and others.

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